New Year in Australia

After deciding that the best place to watch the fireworks was from the Opera House, we discovered that although it has a 25,000 capacity, it usually fills up by 3pm. So we woke up early headed to the shops and bought some butties and headed to the harbour. We arrived there at 11 am and it was already filling up so after going through all the baggage checks we found a good spot and set up camp for the day, trying to take up as larger space as possible so that when other friends arrived they had room to sit with us. 

By 4pm the place was rammed. The weather went a bit overcast and everyone was worried about it raining, but through a bit of positive thinking we willed it away and as the sun began to set the atmosphere really started to build up. About time too mind as we’d been sat on a rather hard granite floor for the last 8 hours. 

At 9pm there was a family firework show, i personally think it was just a teaser and to stop you getting bored to death. Then at 5 to 12 everyone stood up trying to push to the frontto get ready for the fireworks. That simply wasn’t happening though, I hadn’t been sat there for 13 hours to have some little S**t come block my view and so all of us just stood as still as possible keeping our view. The countdown began and everyone went crazy. As the first firework went up, some guy next to us proposed to his girlfriend and so everyone was just going nuts. The fireworks lasted about 15 mins but were probably the best fireworks i have ever seen. They were going off all around us and it was just amazing. At about half past there was a mass exodus as everyone was pushing to get out of the opera house compound. All the stations were rammed and so we all walked the 7 blocks back to our hostel and the usual 10-15 min walk took us nearly an hour and a half. It was funny walking with everyone out of the city, seeing drunken people throwing their guts up on the side of the street etc. The plan was to get back to the hostel but some trainers and trousers on and head out again. But by the time i got back i was so knackered that i just went to bed. 

It was an absolutely brilliant night and a New Year i will never forget. Usually i find New Year a bit of a waste of time and money. This year it definitely wasn’t it was brilliant. Happy New Year folks!!!









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