Darling Harbour And The Rocks

Today we decided to just chill out as the weather wasn’t fantastic, so we took a walk down to Darling Harbour to wander around the shops and turn green with envy at all the people enjoying their expensive meals in expensive restaurants. Grr! No worries though as the Aussies would say, we found an amazing little cafe selling pie chips mushy peas and gravy for pretty cheap. So we sat there as happy as larry munching our pies like true Brits.

After lunch we carried on walking aroun the harbour until we got to the Harbour Bridge where i decided to climb all the steps to the top of one of the pylons so i could look at the view… let me tell you, if it had been as warm as previous days i wouldn’t have bothered. Although once at the top the view was pretty much worth the walk. I took a few photo’s for myself read all the little info boards before getting accosted by some Japanese tourists who asked me to take a picture for them.. 3 cameras later i was free to return to the bottom where poor kate had been sat waiting for me.

After spending the day walking about Sydney we were pretty tired so spent the evening… wait for it…. doing laundry! Exciting stuff hey? We did go to the cinema though later in the evening to watch A night at the museum with Ben Stiller in, its pretty funny, if not a little predictable.


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