A Night At The Opera

After spending the previous day on the harbour, we decided that we would spend today wandering about the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Opera House. We booked ourselves a tour at 5pm and then went for a walk through the gardens to Mrs Macquaries Point where you get a great view of the harbour and the bridge etc. After walking back through the gardens we still had time to kill and so decided to go to Minus 5.

Minus 5 is a cocktail bar which is made completely out of ice. The bar was ice, the walls, the furniture, the glasses you drank from were all made from ice, everything was frozen. Although it was cold inside, remarkably it didn’t feel that cold, i’d say i’ve felt colder when waiting for the bus in the dead of winter when i was at high school! haha So we spent half hour or so ‘chilling out’ before heading outside to thaw out again. Before we knew it, it was 5pm and we had to go on our tour of the Opera House.

At the Opera House, we were greeted by our tour guide ‘Murray’ who was the most eccentric person i have ever met, he was grade A crazy. But you had to commend the guy, he knew everything there was to know about the Opera House. A few quick facts for you. Back in the 50’s the NSW government decided they wanted to build an Opera House in Sydney and so formed a competition for its design. No there wasn’t children entering with a dragon shaped building which spat flames out across the harbour, although i actually think that would be quite cool. In fact a bunch of architects drew up these plans and entered them the winner being a Danish architect – Jorn Utzon. The problem was that, they believed that the design was beyond the capabilities of engineering of the time. So after a few years of head scratching he figured out how to build his fancy shaped roof. After nearly 13 years in the making and $102 million dollars it was finally finished (they originally thought it would cost just $14 million, sounds a bit like Wembley!?) and in 1973 good old Queen Liz opened her up to the world.

Last night Me, Kate & Liz (no… not the Queen), all went to the Opera House to see a concert which was based around the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra and had various guest singers including Dr Carl Kennedy from Neighbours and an Australian jazz musician called James Morrison who was just awsome and many more. It turned out to be a really good day and one which i will no doubt remember for the rest of my life. I can proudly say i have not only been to the Sydney Opera House, I have actually seen a performance there and I bet the majority of people who come to Sydney travelling can’t say that!!!!!


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