Sydney Harbour

What seemed like ages ago, back in Airlie Beach, I was stood at a bar when an Australian guy noticed i was English and started taking the piss about the ashes. Nothing unusual really as this seems to be their main line of attack at us pommies, but after a bit of banter he sat with us and we started chatting. A few days later after our Whitsundays trip we were sat in the same bar when this guy asks where he knows Kates face from and so we explained and got chatting again. Anyways, to cut a long story short he was from Sydney and so i swapped numbers with him with regard to possibly meeting up for a drink when we arrived in the city. I text him last night and asked if he wanted to go for a beer and the reply i got was, “would you like to spend the day on the harbour in my speed boat”? Of course the answer was YES.

So this morning we got up bright and early and left Bondi and caught the train to our hostel in Sydney dumped our bags and met Rich down at his yacht club. We jumped aboard his little speed boat and set off accross the harbour towards the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, both of which were pretty spectacular to see from the water. We then continued under the bridge to Darling Harbour where all the ‘touristy’ boats leave from and then we sailed onwards up the harbour to the fish markets. It was as we left this fish market that Rich got pulled for speeding. Luckily he just got his wrists slapped and they let us go avoiding the $160 fine. Phew!

For lunch we headed out of the harbour towards the ‘famous?’ Sydney heads, (All i know is it was rather choppy) and on to a place called Quarantine Bay. After i dropped anchor, we whipped out the esky and had a few beers whilst picnicing on the back of the boat (tough life hey?). Once we’d had some lunch, Rich and I went for a swim off the boat and swam to Jump Rock where as the name suggests you can jump off the rocks into the sea, which although scary was also pretty cool. A few hours later we began our cruise back to the harbour and Rich dropped us at the opera house and left us to walk back via the shopping area. As we were walking back i got roped into a street entertainers show, which seemed to last for ages. Finally we managed to escape and walk back to the hostel. Tonights plan… is to just relax and maybe catch a movie.

I had an absolutely brilliant day and it was certainly the best possible way to spend my first day in Sydney, spending it on a speed boat bumming around the harbour admiring the sights and taking photo’s. I tell you these Australians really have got it right!


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