Byron Bay

After a brief stay in Byron, i am now in Bondi Beach nr Sydney. Unfortunately I had originally planned to go to Byron and stay for 5 days and do a surf course, but due to problems getting on busses further north i lost out on a few of those days and so only really had one full day there and then a second, where i had to catch the bus at 6pm that night. So in the end i managed to fit two lessons in which were great. By the second lesson i was able to stand on the board quite easily and manage to ride the wave back to the shore, so i was really pleased with myself. It was a really fun few days as all the surf coaches were just crazy and liked to scream wooo alot and so we all picked up on it and everytime anyone said anything we’d just go woooo! Guess you had to be there though.

Other than surfing I didn’t really get up to alot in Byron, although i did manage to go for a little hike to the Cape Byron Lighthouse and also to the most easterly point in Australia which was a pretty nice walk, if not a little too undulating for walking in the midday sun like i did.

I also ended up bumping into Treise, Liz, Yvonne and Neela from our Fraser Island trip, Team Sweden from the Whitsundays and also Lillian from the last week or so. So it was nice to all meet up again and catch up.

Anyway, i can’t think of anything else to write, plus i’m tired so i’m going for a power nap.


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