Surfers Paradise

After another short but sweet bus journey we rolled into Surfers Paradise. People had told me not to bother staying long as it was a concrete city and was all about partying and generally wasn’t a very nice place. Truth is…. i loved it! So what if the buildings are concrete, i come from england… we make everything from concrete, as for partying, thats my speciality.

Problem was i had arrived in Surfers with a really stinking headache, alcohol induced i hear you say?. At first i may have agreed, but when i had taken a whole load of paracetamol and had a good sleep and it was still there i realised that this time i couldn’t blame the booze. Clever arse here though, decides that instead of resting, i’d be sociable and head out to town that night with Kate and Lillian and see how it went. I lasted a few hours before having to hold my hands up and say enough is enough.

Next morning i wake up hoping to feel better… no! I still have a headache, now i have a sore throat to boot. Lovely! Now normally this wouldn’t be too bad, i’d have learnt by the previous nights mistakes and stayed in bed. But the day before i had paid for a ticket to go on a club crawl and so there was no way i was going to waste my money. First stop that day was the chemist. I stocked up on Neurofen and Tunes and turns out they worked a treat. That day we all split up, the girls went shopping and i went up Q1 which is the tallest residential building in the world and has one of the fastest lifts in the world. You go up 77 floors in 40 seconds. Doesn’t sound that quick, but your ears are popping that fast you realise you really are bombing it up in this ferrari of lifts (if you can call it that)?

Once at the top it was a pretty spectacular view. You could see for miles and the beach just seemed neverending. I spent a bit of time up there by myself just relaxing and taking a few pictures before deciding that i’d better go meet the girls on the beach.

After an hour or so on the beach we had to go get ready for the club crawl which believe it or not started at 5pm!?! A couple more Neurofen down the hatch a cold shower and a brisk walk into town seemed to sort me out a treat. By the time i hit the first bar, i was running on about 90% after the first free drink i was easily heading for full fitness. A good few hours of drinking, stupid party games, free food, ten pin bowling and dancing like a crazy man on pills i was feeling pretty good and had forgotten that i had a headache and sore throat. We did 5 nightclubs in the first 6 hours and the last stop was the bedroom which was a really cool nightclub which had beds all around it to lay on and just chill out. It was here that i met santa’s little helpers, who brought a little festive cheer my way. I think i like the way the Aussies do Christmas after all! Kate had left a few hours before, so later on as Lillian and i were about to leave we noticed another bar crawl was going on so we joined onto theirs, snuck into the nightclub, pretending to be one of them and claiming more free drinks. After the free drinks, we decided we felt pretty hungry and realising we had been drinking for over 10 hours we headed to the delightfully healthy McDonalds for some food, before getting a cab back to the hostel.

So then friends & family, it turns out that the best cure for a bad headache is a few neurofen early on followed by a big night out and a few hotties wearing very little!


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