After a relitively short bus journey compared to recent ones I arrived in Brisbane. First impressions it seemed rather busy and a bit dull compared to the small seaside towns i’d got used to spending the last month and a bit in. However after a few hours i started to appreciate teh noise, the hustle and bustle and the smells that the city had to offer. Plus i think it was just a noce feeling to realise that there were actually real people living in Australia and that they weren’t all backpackers or tour operators.

I spent my only real full day in Brisbane just wandering about, looking in all the shops etc before walking accross town to look at the man made beach that i had heard everyone talking about.. I’ve just become a sucker for a beach! Turns out it wasn’t that spectacular at all really but it was pretty cool that it was man made and in the middle of a city.

That evening we went out and met up with some swedish girls we had kept bumping into all down the coast and went for something to eat by the river. I know see why they call it Bris-Vegas as over the space of a few hours it turned into a city of bright lights and noise.

Although there wasn’t a lot going on in Brisbane, it was kind of nice to touch base with civilization again before leaving for the next seaside town!


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