Crikey Mate, It’s Australia Zoo!

After an early morning wake up call from one of my room mates, telling the whole world that his mate had just fallen off the roof of the local night club and that he was now in hospital, i got ready to go out.

Today i visited Australia Zoo, it took approximately 1 hour to get there but it didn’t seem too long as they showed a video on the coach about Steve Irwin’s life. When I arrived, i could tell straight away that it wasn’t like any normal zoo. The animals had huge enclosures and everything was so hands on. You could pet most animals at certain points throughout the day, and some enclosures like the Kangaroo one you just strolled through and could walk right up to them and sit with them all.

At midday there was a show on at the ‘Crocoseum’. First up was the deadly snake show followed by the exotic bird show. The icing on the cake though was the Croc demonstration. Instead of exploiting the animals and making them do tricks etc, they explained to you how the crocs swam and hunted etc and so it was actually quite interesting. It was just a shame that the ‘Crocodile Hunter” himself wasn’t able to do the show.

After looking at all the animals, i went to look at the tributes to Steve hundreds of Khaki shirts all pinned up with various things written on them. It was quite eary really as it was in a shaded area with a real cold breeze coming from underneath the crocoseum.

Later on in the afternoon, i got to cuddle a Koala and have my photo taken, which was great, they look so light when actually they are pretty heavy. The poor thing though i think she just wanted to go to sleep, she held onto you, rested her head on your shoulder and looked perfectly happy. Only problem was i am not a eucalyptus tree!!

I have now decided that before coming away travelling, i could have been likened to a Koala, i was often called cuddly (meaning slightly overweight) and all i did pretty much was sleep all day, wake up, eat and then sleep all day. Just like they do… Perhaps i should ask if i could get myself an enclosure and come out for petting sessions in the afternoons. There were some rather nice looking girls who were holding the Koala’s to their chests hahahahaha Koala’s have a GOOD life!

Just before i left, i bought some Kangaroo food and headed for the Roo pen to go feed the bouncy little buggers. Although one didn’t take to kindly to me, all the others did and so all was good.

On the bus ride home i started watching the video but promptly fell asleep… no bad thing as it is party time tonight. Not been out in AGES! bring on the goon!

Off to Brisbane tomorrow and i will try to load the pictures when i can get to a shop with usb connections.

I read a nice poem whilst i was there too.

He didn’t need a flowing cape and tights of royal blue
When khaki shirts and kharki shorts and jungle boots would do
No gadget belts for our Steve, no webbed hands or x-ray vision sight
To catch a deadly snake or a man eating crock at night
He swam with sharks and dolphins and he played with tigers too
He rode a great big elephant around Australia Zoo
He tamed the wild animals and he taught us that “Crocs Rule!”
He took us on adventures where he gladly played the fool
He packed two lifetimes into one because deep down he knew
That lifes too short to sit around and just enjoy the view
We thought he was invincible dodging Gator’s left and right
And narrowly avoiding scorpion and snake bites
But sadly this was not the case, our hero had to go
And leave behind the world he knew to sadly grieve alone.
I thought i saw him yesterday but i can’t find him today
And even though he’s gone from here i can still hear him say…..
“isn’t she a beauty”, “She’s gorgeous”, “crikey Mate”
So thank you khaki superhero but heaven just can’t wait.


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