Fraser Island

I’ve spent the last few days, 4×4 ‘ing’ it and camping on Fraser Island. Fraser Island is a national park off the coast of Australia and is basically just a giant sand dune. So needless to say the driving was fun. Sometimes you could be cruising down the beach doing 80kph and at other times you would be crawling up steep inclines doing 5kph if you were lucky. We went on a 3 day 2 night trip where we had to do all the driving ourselves and camped over night on the beach.

Day 1; We all got up early at the hostel and got into our groups, we then had to be told all the rules and were warned about all the tide times and that we basically could only drive on the beach between certain hours of the day. After what seemed likie hours of rules and regs we had to start packing. I nominated myself to be the chief packer and climbed onto the roof and packed it as tight as i could, making sure the cooler (full of beer) was easily accessable at all times. We all then jumped in our Toyota Land Cruiser and headed for the barge. Once on the island we had a rather bumpy ride down a pretty buggered inland road to the beach where we had to wait for the tide to go out. After a spot of lunch we drove down the beach to another inland road, which led to Lake McKenzie, where we spent a few hours chilling out. Then it was my turn to do some driving, so i drove back from the lake and to the Maheno Shipwreck where everyone had decided to camp for the evening. That evening, the beers & the goon (cheap boxed wine) flowed and i ended up getting involved in a strange ‘bending down and picking up a box with your mouth game’ with some Irish people, which i in the end came second to, having been beaten by a gymnast. Not a bad effort if i do say so myself.

Day 2; We had an early start, packed up camp and headed to Indian Head. This is about as far as you could safely drive down the beach, as after that the roads get to soft and there is a risk of getting bogged. So we all got out and decided to hike up the hill to check out the view. As we we’re all camping and roughing it, i decided i was going to not wear my flip flops as it was too much like hard work walking in sand, so i went barefoot. Big mistake! after a half mile hike up to the Champagne Pools and the same back my feet were a bit sore. Ah well. after waiting for the tide we then drove down to our camping area for the night where we set up camp and played a rather interesting game of ‘i have never’ followed by a game of ‘truth or dare’. Needless to say we we’re all under the influence at this point. everyone headed to bed at about 4am but i decided to stay up and watch the sunrise and as i watched the sun come up i noticed a load of Dingo’s on the beach which was pretty cool. They didn’t come too close either which i was glad about.

Day 3; Everyone woke up and then we headed out to Lake Wabby. What the map said was a 20 min hike over 2 km seemed to take a whole lot longer when having hiked through some rainforest you exited into a big sandy area of dunes which i can only really imagine is pretty much like the desert. It was worth the walk though and it was nice to spend our last day relaxing and swimming in the lake with the turtles and the catfish. After waiting for the tides to change AGAIN…. we set off for the barge. We had half an hour to travel about 15km down the beach, doesn’t sound alot but when the tide has only just started to go out it was a really tough job. In the end i ended up finishing off the driving and tried to go as fast as i felt i could go, which wasn’t fast at all. In the end we we’re only 10 mins late and so caught the next barge back and got back a little later than some of the others. But we weren’t the last!!!!

Last night, we were all knackered and so spent the evening, well until 10pm, just trying to keep ourselves awake and trying to not be the first to bed. It was a really good few days though and was a cracking laugh.

Next stop, Noosa and Australia Zoo. “Crikey Mate”


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