Scooter-Roo at 1770

Well having travelled all night on the Greyhound and sitting next to, possibly, the most unusual person i have ever met, i finally rolled in the Town of 1770. It is apparently named this because it was when Captain Cook discovered the place…. interesting tit-bit for you. lol

1770 is a really small town, so small that most australians don’t even know where the place is. Its a place where everybody knows everybody and the hostels don’t even have locks on the doors, simply because, you just don’t need to lock them.

While i was there i went on the Scooter-Roo tour of the area, this was a motorcycle tour where you hired yourself a mini chopper and cruised about in a massive convoy looking at all the Kangaroo’s that were about. Hence Scooter-Roo! It was a really good laugh though and i soon picked up how to ride it and wasflying about by the end of the afternoon. Unfortunately we only stayed a day as we had already booked our Fraser Island trip, but it was well worth a visit.


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