Like a retirement home for celebrities, the Whitsundays offers the same thing but for ex racing yachts that have competed and won loads of different races all over the world. Our particular retiree and home for the last few days was “Hammer”. Hammer is an 83 foot Maxi racing yacht which was made to be crewed by twenty people. However we only had three crew!!! The rest of the work was down to us.

We left Airlie Beach on the 5th and set sail out into the ocean coasting happily along in the 25-30 knott sea breeze. We stopped at a little spot to do a bit of snorkelling and then we motored for about an hour up wind to the place where we would be dropping anchor for the evening. As we stopped the sun was begining to set so we all lay on the boat, beer in hand, watching the sun set from our yacht. It was a pretty cool way to spend the night.

Next morning we left for Whitehaven Beach which is apparently something like the 4th most photographed view in Australia. After a short hike to the viewpoint it became pretty clear why. Whilst we we’re there i saw loads of turtles…. they are huge! We then sailed across to a little bay to do some more snorkelling and as we left the bay we say some dolphins which was really cool.

This morning i got up at 6am squeezed myself into my rather sexy stinger suit and went for a swim to wake me up a bit. The water was suprisingly warm and again i saw a couple more dolphins. During the journey back to Airlie, the skipper let me sail… me in charge of an 83 foot yacht… haha, i didn’t crash though so all was good. So after two and a half days of being completely chilled out, I now have reached terra ferma and am supposed to be doing a rather enjoyable 10hr bus journey overnight to our next stop… Town of 1770.


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