Port Douglas

After a great few days in Cairns, settlling into the Aussie lifestyle, (seemingly just being lazy and chilling out), i purchased a Greyhound Bus ticket which will take me from Cairns to Melbourne for just over $300 which works out to be a pretty good deal considering its absolutely bloody miles away. The best thing in my mind, not because i’m tight or anything, is that the buses travel overnight. Therefore i don’t have to pay for accomodation… Result! That money saved can then be used for different trips…. or maybe… beer?

Last night a few of us who had met on the dive boat earlier in the day went out for a few beers and had a really good night out. This morning I got up, just in time to check out and catch my bus to Port Douglas, about 2hrs north of Cairns. Its really nice up here and seems alot hotter than Cairns, although i plan on leaving tomorrow to head to Townsville. Only really dawned on me today that i have got 24 days before i have to get to Bondi Beach which is… well…. a long way away from Port Douglas. To add more confusion i want to go to Ayers Rock, which is slap bang in the middle of Oz miles from nowhere, so the plan is to try to fly out there in the next few week. Crazy i know but it is like a right of passage, you can’t come backpacking to Australia and miss out the outback.

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