Finding Nemo

The other day i walked into a dive shop to see if they could pull up my info on their computer, so that if i chose to go diving later in the week i could go. Twenty mins later i left with a trip booked!

So after a nice lazy day the day before, i got up at 7am and headed down to the pier for what would be the first diving i had ever done in sea. More to the point… it was going to be warm sea. We had a really nice boat and the cert divers were separated away from the snorkellers and intro divers. We were lucky and ended up on the top deck with our little briefing room being air conditioned, so it was nice to just sit inside away from the sun.

The time came when it was my turn to dive and having not done it for about 3 and a bit years i was a little bit rusty. But as soon as my feet hit the water it all came flooding back to me…. mostly through my mask as it had a dodgy seal! haha Seriously though, it is amazing how much of it you do remember. The first dive site was Saxon Reef and so i descended with my dive buddy Scott.. (the strangest canadian i ever met… and i have met some pretty wierd ones) Once we reached the sea bed we just swam about taking in the views of the really colourful fish and corals. I made sure i peered into all the different nooks and crannies i could as that seemed to be where all the little fish were hiding. All of a sudden i looked to my right and down a little and there was this Shark… you’d think the first reaction would be to swim away from it… Nope. I swam along beside it. It didn’t seem to even notice me, so i am proud to say i saw my first shark on my first proper sea dive and that there was no need for underwear to be changed.

Next stop was Hastings Reef which was quite different, it had small lagoons within the reef. It was here that i saw Wally (a Giant Wrasse) who i kid you not seemed about as big as i was, he was certainly bigger than some of the japanese who were snorkelling above me. He wasn’t about long though, but it was cool to see a fish that size.

So back to land now and as i sit here typing this i kinda feel like i’m rocking…. so i’m going to stop. Thats all for now!

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