Yesterday i had to be awake by 7am to get the train up to Kuranda which is a small village in the middle of the rainforest. My method of transport was a 100 year old train on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. After about an hour and three quarters of creaking our way up and over the mountains we arrived at Kuranda village. On the way up there was some pretty cool views, but was a little off putting, that all the way up there was someone going on about “someone died here whilst building it”, “This part of the track got washed away in the rain once”, “this tunnel has collapsed a few times”, “in fact lots of people have died because of this railway”….. Yeah Cheers!

I spent a few hours wandering about the village looking at all the digeridoos and boomerangs etc, after a while i realised that most of the shops were pretty similar and so i headed to the Irish pub for a bit of cheap grub before getting the Skyrail back to Cairns.

The Skyrail was just like a giant cable car that ran over the jungle canopy… a long long way up in the air! It wasn’t as bad as you might have thought though and the views we’re pretty spectacular.

After we got back we just spent the evening chilling out and finding our feet in our new accomodation. Giligans backpackers resort, its like a hostel on steroids…. it has everything, and i mean everything!

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