The Grand Palace etc

Visiting all the famous sights was todays agenda. First port of call was the Grand Palace and this cost 250baht to get in the thieving Jippo’s! Its not a lot of money but when you consider how cheap everything is over here then it was quite a lot. As it was a Palace and also a temple you had to show respect and wear trousers. No trousers, no entry! So it felt about a million degrees walking about like that all day. However, after learning to put up with the constant stream of sweat dripping from my brow i had a really good look around and couldn’t believe how ornate everything was. I went inside the temple to look at the Emerald Buddha which isnt emerald at all it is jade (long story) but nevertheless was pretty impressive, although no photos of it as your not allowed.

Then heading over the river we went to vist Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn, NOT Doom!! ). It only cost 20baht to get in here… see what i mean now? Whilst here i was given a blessing by a Buddhist Monk. I had to kneel in front of him and point my feet away from him and then i had to read Thai prayers with him. I thought this prayer would be no longer than say the lords prayer….. it was a hell of a lot longer…. and all in Thai. Now my Thai is not especially good, i can just about say Hello, Thank you & most importantly Cheers. So as you can imagine it was a bit of a mission to say this prayer, after a couple of minutes though i got the hang of it. I then had to pour some water into a bowl, bless it and then pour it on the tree next to us. (Not sure what that bit was about.) The Monk then splashe holy water all over me and blessed me and told me that i would have a healthy and prosperous life which would be full of happiness. Sounds good to me!! I was then given a woven orange wrist band to wear.

It was all a bit strange, and even though i’m not at all religous, i found it really quite special and interesting. Don’t worry i’m not going to run about telling folk how a monk changed my life, but i will say that i am glad i did it and that it was a cool thing to do.

Plan of action for tonight is to drink my way through another beer tower (see yesterdays pics) and then find some lovely laydees while Kate meets ‘Sydney Boy’. Wish me luck!

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