Back in BKK

Well i arrived back in Bangkok this afternoon and came out to the Khao San Road which is where like, every backpacker, in the world, ever is staying! It seems really cool though. Picked up a guesthouse just off the main strip (much quieter) for about 490B, which is by no means the cheapest but i’m happy to pay a bit more so that i can have a good nights sleep, especially when i have to fly to Brisbane over night the day after tomorrow. (i’ve lost track of dates and days already). Just been for a wander up and down the street and it is absolute chaos. There are little stalls up both sides of the road and they are always trying to sell you something. At first this used to annoy me, now i just find it funny. It’s also a great way to practice a bit of bartering!

Tomorrow the plan is to go visit the Grand Palace and the other ‘sights’ all in the same day. I have to wear trousers though to go in the temples etc so not looking forward to that. Far too hot! I may also do a bit of shopping and post it home seeing as how everything is really cheap. I bought myself a Lonely Planet, (a must for travellers), for Oz and so now i’m good to go!

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