Our Last Day In Ao Nang

Gutted, if it wasn’t for the fact that i was going somewhere else in a few days i don’t think i would ever want to leave. I love it here! So many places i wanted to go to and so much diving i wanted to do, but unfortunately i ran out of time. Although on the plus side, it means that i will have to come back… What a shame!

As it was our final day we decided to make the most of it even if i was incredibly tired after ataying out till about 5am. All was good though and we hopped on a longtail and went on a 4 islands trip to Poda, Chicken, Tup and another i don’t remember. All these islands are just off the beach at Ao Nang and so I spent the day lazing about on different beaches and watching the world go by.

Tonight i think will be a bit more chilled out as i have to sit at the airport for a few hours and then suffer another Bangkok taxi ride and also be awake enough to make sure we aren’t being ripped off when we go in search of a hostel.

I’ll keep you all posted.

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