Wacky Races

I’m now in a place called Kata, just a short way away from Phuket, its alright down here but it is no way near as Ao Nang. Its much busier and way more touristy, i’ll give it 24 hours and see what i think then though. Its tpo much like a spanish town to me, lots of bright red tourists and boobs everywhere! Ao Nang was classier haha.

The journey down here….. well that was an experience. Because we wanted to save cash we travelled here by mini bus. Now we have been on these mini buses to various places and they are usually very comfortable and have great air con (a must when its nearly 40 degrees during the day). I’m sure you can see where this is headed? the bus didnt have air con, just your average fan, and the one above me didn”t work, typical!

The guy who drove us here was a complete lunatic, he was racing away honking his horn at everything in sight and passing everything that this clapped out old shed could muster up enough power to get past. To top it all off, every so often we’d stop at the side of the road and they guy would get out and collect a package from another car that was waiting on the side of the road. I didn’t think it was unusal really until i noticed he was constantly on his mobile and then just outside Phuket, in a Tesco car park of all places, we stopped again and he delivered his packages. Now i don’t know about you, but it all seems a bit dodgy to me.

**A note to warren if you are reading this, put a Thai taxi driver into an F1 car and overtaking manouvres would increase tenfold, all you need to fit to the car is a horn!

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