5 Islands Trip

Another early morning start today as we were heading out to Koh Hong which was about an hours journey from Ao Nang on a longtail boat. After stopping once for the driver to fix the engine we finally made it.

To land you have to pay 200baht each to the national park, for conservation i guess. It was worth it though, we stopped and did a bit of snorkelling and then while Kate lay sunbathing i went off for a wander down the beach with Joma. Thats when we came across a real beast! No it wasn’t a hairy german lady laying topless on the beach! It was a monitor lizzard, this thing was about 4 and a half feet long and walked with a real swagger, well, it looked like it had shit itself actually? We stalked it down the beach until we got close enough to take a good snap, it wasn’t even bothered that by this time he had created quite an audience.

After visiting Koh Hong, we then sailed round to Lading for our lunch where we just chilled out and did a bit of sunbathing before getting back on the boat and going to the next islands.

Koh Rai was the next place where there was a really nice bit of beach and you could swim to the neighbouring island. i thought i’d go for a dip and set off, i got about 50m from the beach when i noticed i was in a minefield, surrounded by sea urchins. Needless to say i thought stuff it, turned round and swam back. while there we noticed that there was a small sort of lagoon which was absolutely full of starfish, wherever you stood you were standing on them. Kate was terrifed of touching them at first but we eventually persuaded her that it was alright to touch them and that they didnt feel wierd!

The final island of the day was Daeng, this apparently means red island. Stopped there for some snorkelling. By this point i was getting a bit fed up of snorkelling as all i had seen was about 10 different types of fish all week. I thought i’d dive in though with just have a swim. Turned out to be the best place we had been snorkelling. There were loads of really good corals, anenomies (spelt wrong i guess?), spotted some clown fish (Nemo’s), some really bright Rainbow fish, Angel fish and loads of really nice to lookat fish as supposed to all the tiddlers we’d seen previously.

As i type this i feel like i am bobbing up and down still so i am going to stop so i can go get re-aquainted with dry land and have some grub!

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