Hair Today, Gone tomorrow

Yes, today i was daring and decided to go let the little thai guy chop my mop! Turns out, that after a lot of gesticulation (he didn’t speak english) he did an alright job of it. So now when i’m out and about it feels a whole lot cooler!

Not done a lot today, decided to have a relaxing day really as tomorrow we are going on another island trip with more snorkelling and swimming. We also booked a White Water Rafting, Elephant Trek & Jungle trek for thursday. Thats going to be quality, i can’t wait… only problem is that it is a 7am start, so, no Chang the night before!

Went to Ao Nang village earlier, this is where all the Thai’s live and is a little way away from the Ao Nang that we are staying in. There was a little market there and so we wandered about there and i tried some random Thai foods, looked awful… tasted great!

Off for tea in a bit to the same restaurant we’ve been to every night since we got here, its cheap, you get plenty of food and it is all local thai food. I’m working my way through the menu. The waiter has now started deciding what i have for my evening meal. I had something called Paenang Curry? last night… best thing i’ve had yet!

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