We’ll Just Go For A Quiet Beer Yeah?

After a rather long day on the back of a boat (hard life hey?), we both fell asleep for a hour or two and woke up about 9pm. My skin was glowing and i looked so red that it could be confused for purple & Kate had got a little sea sick on the way back so the plan was to go out for one or two beers a game of pool and then get some sleep…….. You know whats coming next…. Yeah turned out to be a bit of a session.

I personally blame Graeme and Joma, was all going well until they rolled up, next thing i know we are in some bar surrounded by lady boys (i think?). We then went down to the Lunar club on the beach where Kate met Swiss dentist boy again after a breif encounter with him the previous night. That left me and Graeme wandering about chattin complete rubbish to everyone we met. We had some Thai girls convinced that he was Robbie Williams and that i was his old bandmate Gary Barlow… they asked us to sing and even when we did they didn’t question it. Hilarious.

This morning we woke up… i say morning it was near enough to 12pm, and went down to the beach. just as we got there it started to chuck it down so we just decided to wander about in the rain.. it was quite refreshing and i was up for anything that might cool down my sunburn! haha. Other than that we just bummed about all day. Off out for a quiet pint tonight too, hopefully this time it will be a quiet pint!

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