I Wanna Go Pee Pee!

Today we went on a speed boat ride around the Phi Phi Islands (Pee Pee).

The Day started off on a bad foot after a rather heavy night on the booze the previous evening, we had slept through our alarms and i was woken to a man standing next to me saying “you going Pee Pee?”. So had to sit bolt up right through on some clothes, grab my camera and run out of the door. Luckily we didnt miss our boat and it was moored just by the beach in Ao Nang. We set off to the islands at 9am and stopped at a few different places. incl: Maya Bay (where the beach was shot), Monkey Island, bambo Island, The viking cave, chicken island plus more i cant remember.

We went snorkeling in various different places around the islands and saw absolutely loads of different little fish and some pretty big ones too. Last stop of the day was snorkeling session in the middle of the sea where there were these giant corals and the fish obviously stay around there for food so there was plenty to be seen.

When we eventually arrived at Phi Phi Don we were given a lunch of some random thai food and fresh pineapple, it must be said, i’m getting quite into their grub, it aint bad! Our guide Paul explained to us that Phi Phi was one of the worst affected islands during the 2004 tsunami and that it apparently killed over 7000 people on the island, a hell of a lot when you consider how small the place is. As much as it was a beautiful island it was a bit of a building site, as they are still re building alot of the hotels. I’d heard that there was a great viewpoint on the mountain looking down over the sand spit where all the house’s are and so i wanted to go find it. So i waltzed off with no clue where i was going and stumbled upon the trail. All was going well until i hit the steps…… i counted over 400 before i got bored and out of breath, once i stopped for a breather i noticed the time and i had ten minutes to get back to the boat which was about a mile away, So i took off the flip flops and ran down the steps and along the beach. I met back at the boat a hot sticky mess disgruntled that i had not made it to the viewpoint afterall only to find that they were missing someone and had to sit around for another 15mins waiting for them to get back! arrrrghh Anyways i stole a pic off google as i think i deserve it. Off out tonight again, but this time i don’t have to get up early to go pee pee.

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