Random Night Out..

Went out for tea last night at a little shack next to where we are staying and sampled an extremely tasty thai green curry. So having got a full belly we decided to go next door and wash it down with some beer. Chang….. its like rocket fuel. So we had a few of those and had a few games of pool and started chatting to some english guy in the bar… turns out he was a little strange so as soon as the next brit walked in we got chattin to them. We met these two guy who had only met today too and had come for a beer together. They had been staying here a few weeks and so then dragged us down to the little hot spot by the beach. next thing i know i’m pretty merry chatting up these canadian girls… and their mum.? (the Stew Rigby Special works a treat… “You don’t look old enough to be their mum”) she thought i was great nonetheless and has invited us to stay with them if we go to Vancouver. So all in all what started out as a quiet beer after tea and an early night, as we had to get up early the following day, ended up being one hell of a session and so we staggered home……..

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