Raining in Ao Nang

Today we left the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and flew to Krabi a fairly small town on the South West of Thailand (sort of directly opposite Phuket). Meeting us there was a guy called Ponsak who we were put in touch with by our travel agent. This guy turned out to be a complete legend and could speak really good english but had a strange obsession with Faulty Towers. A bit concerning yo might think when he is the guy who owns the place where we are staying in Ao Nang!? But no, the room is very basic.. a hard matress a rather peculiar toilet and an air conditioning unit all for the bargin price of 500 baht per night (roughly 7.50 between two). This in my mind, makes it at least a 3*

This guy, Ponsak, sells tours, so flogged us a day out tomorrow on a speed boat to the Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee) Islands, snorkeling, some cave, another beach, “THE Beach”, as in the one from the film, plus a load more places. To be honest i stopped paying attention really and let Kate deal with it, my eyes were drawn to an Elephant trek and rafting trip combined!!! Woo Hoo!……. So yea…… I’ll let you all know about tomorrow… well… tomorrow i guess!?

Lets hope it doesn’t bloody rain.

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