We’re all going on a summer holiday!?!?!?

Kate and i arrived here this afternoon and literally had to fight our way out of the airport trying to avoid the hundreds of taxi touts, offering you good deal! We got outside and found a cab that had just pulled up and asked if he would take us to our hotel. As we set off the two of us just kept repeating the word “meter” to the guy so that we wouldn’t get stung, he eventually understood us after a lot of pointing and then set off. Now i must say, this taxi driver seemed pretty excenteric, constantly nodding and grinning and he drove like a complete lunatic. We just sat in the back of the car laughing out of sheer nervousness as he was cutting from lane to lane, nodding and laughing to himself! His choice of music left alot to be desired too, playing what was obviously his favourite mix tape of Cliff Richard, The Carpenters & The Beatles. I have now come to the conclusion that if there isn’t room for your car to go where you want it to go, in Thailand you just make room by driving in between two lanes or on the hard shoulder!!

Anyway, we got to our hotel which seemed a little bit out of the way but it doesn’t matter as its really really nice and everyone can speak english!

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