In the jungle the Mighty Jungle

7:00 am i arose from my pit to be up and ready to catch our minibus at half seven. Feeling rather tired i crawled my way up the hill to the road, expecting to see the mini bus waiting… was it? Was it bugger! We had to wait nearly an hour, that hour could have been spent in bed or as i prefer to think of it, an extra hour of drinking the previous evening.

Todays trip was to drive up to the jungle to do some white water rafting and an elephant trek. We finally arrived at the spot we were headed for and got out and all got our kit. (strangely, they didnt give women paddles!?) We split into groups of four and then set off down the river, we we’re coupled with a Australian couple who were really nice and said we should go see them in Oz. We pottered down the grade II/III river on in the raft, getting wet, and soaknig other rafters (as you do), It was a good laugh. We were then driven back to ‘base camp’ and we’re given lunch which was actually pretty good, apart from the dodgy seafood soup!

We went for a short walk (uphill) into the jungle to a waterfall where we all had a dip to cool off and then it was back down the hill again…. Next was the elephant trekking, our elephant was a 40 year old indian elephant which weighed 3 tonnes and had a bit of a disobedience problem. To me it just added to the fun when the guide had to keep pointing her in the right direction and making a strange HUH noise! We rocked forwards, backwards, sideways, up and down and let me tell you, if you get sea sick, don’t ride an elephant. Best bits were when we went into the water, the guide let me get off the chair and sit on her neck and it was so much better. We were in water up to the elephants shoulders, Kate is sat on the seat like queen bee and i’m gettin thrown about all over the place getting lashed by the elephants ears and splashing me with water. It was cool though.

We later headed to a cave which was a temple and inside there was a huge ‘reclining buddha’ and some monk giving blessinfgs for luck, i didn’t have one but maybe i should have?!? It rained all the way home and so i fell asleep in the bus and got my well deserved hour sleep they had robbed me of this morning.

I’d upload the pics but i can’t as this pc has no usb, so you will have to wait.

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